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  • 10/20/2010 We really do help in every imaginable way

    I received a call from an anxious customer whose car had broken down. He was speaking very quickly. I told him that in order to locate his file, I needed his license plate number. He provided the numbers, but when I asked for the letters, he hesitated. I kept insisting, but he continued to hesitate and seemed very uncomfortable. I finally asked, as gently as possible, if he had trouble reading. “Yes,” he answered, sounding relieved. So what did I do in a situation like this? I thought quickly and got creative! I asked our customer to describe the letters, which he did…

    A circle with a tail. Yes, that would be a Q. For the second letter, the beneficiary directed me to my cell phone. “Look at the numbers,” he said. “The 4th of 9.” The fourth letter of the 9 key. Yes, that would be a Z!

    I then found his file quickly, dispatched the appropriate help, and received a hearty thank you for my patience. His satisfaction and peace of mind were well worth it!

    Page update: 10/20/2010