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Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Strikes in Thailand

Strikes in Thailand


  • Switzerland may be a small country, but at our business unit we have a big reach, especially when it comes to helping our Swiss customers out of a crisis. 

    Many of our customers were stranded during the strikes in Bangkok, with little visible way out. But we knew otherwise. When there’s a will, there’s a way. We chartered two long-haul passenger planes to fly them back to Switzerland from a Thai military airport.

    The logistics involved were no small matter. The tourists had to be brought by special buses to the airport from more than 10 locations; we chartered the planes on very short notice, which involved obtaining over-flight rights and planning refueling stops. Once they arrived in Europe, we then transferred them to their homes in Switzerland. Our repatriation efforts received a lot of media attention, and rescued travellers and our industry partners warmly expressed their thanks and gratitude.

    But for us, it was all part of our job. Our duty above all is to bring our customers safely home if they’re in trouble abroad.

    Page update: 11/25/2009