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A Very Close Call In Mumbai | Mondial Assistance Malaysia

Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Close call to mumbai

A Very Close Call in Mumbai

A post-graduation holiday turned into a nightmare when two of our young Australian customers were injured during the shootings in Mumbai, India. We received a call from the girl’s mother. The girl and her boyfriend were on their way to the hospital where the girl was put in intensive care for a bullet wound that had broken her thigh.

Our local medical agent translated medical details and documents, and our medical team maintained constant contact with her parents and boyfriend about her condition. The hospital was full and the situation very dangerous, so we decided to repatriate her to Australia.

Both patients received additional treatment and surgery. Fortunately, they were covered by the travel and medical assistance policy they had with us. Hopefully, with our help and emotional support their terrifying experience was a little easier to bear.


Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Close call to mumbai

Here is the letter we received a few days later :

Dear Mondial Assistance team,

Our daughter, Julie, and her boyfriend Scott had just begun their post-graduation holiday, starting in India, when both were shot and Julie very seriously injured in the Cafe Leopold attack in Mumbai two weeks ago. Fortunately, they had a travel insurance policy with Mondial Assistance.

From the moment we told contacted your company about this terrible event, your team treated our case absolutely faultlessly. Michael, our Case Manager maintained regular, and proactive contact with us in Sydney, providing both practical information and reassurance. Mondial Assistance’s Mumbai representative was on the scene very promptly and the paramedics required to oversee treatment and the successful “med-evac” back to Australia were on the first available plane to India.

Michael, the Mondial Assistance paramedic, provided invaluable support in the Mumbai hospital and executed the “med-evac” of the two injured (our daughter was on a stretcher and effectively still in intensive care) back to Australia in the most professional, patient and caring manner. He also kept us going with his good humour.

Both our families wish to express our profound thanks and admiration for the outstanding treatment we received throughout this traumatic event, from all the team at Mondial Assistance. We will always use your services in the future and would unhesitatingly recommend others to do the same.

Yours sincerely,

David (Julie’s father)

Page update: 10/20/2010