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Security & Tracking Services

We take the opportunity of developing our relationship with your company very seriously. We work with partners who are specialist risk and intelligence companies that deliver tools, techniques and methodologies to counter or mitigate threats to businesses. Our expertise covers all aspects of risk, intelligence, travel safety, protection and security, and it works with clients, companies and organisations throughout the world to identify the specific risks, threats, and vulnerabilities being faced to deliver bespoke solutions to minimise those risks.
Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Security Services

The ranges of services we provide include:

  • Online Information Portal;
          - Global
          - Internet based product
          - Real time information and risk assessment
          - Comprehensive and detailed content
          - Information to travellers
          - Risk assessments / Risk areas
          - Country background information
          - Travel restrictions
          - 24/7 / Updated in real-time
  • Personal protection
  • Tracking solutions
  • Kidnap & ransom
  • Crisis management
  • Security evacuations and specialist investigations
  • Backed-up by real-time 24/7 intelligence

We provide experienced law enforcement and intelligence professionals drawn from defence, police and security backgrounds. They are supported by a number of associates with specialist skills. Added to high-grade technology and IT, there exists a capability to deliver fully integrated security solutions to government, corporate and high net worth clients.

24/7 Manned Operation Centre

Our partner operates its own operations centre, which is manned 24/7 with experienced and professional staff at all times. All traveller tracking, advice and response is managed and co-ordinated through the Operations centre; this, together with the Company's intelligence-led approach to services, forms the base-line support to the full range of operational and travel services provided to clients throughout the world.


We provide a comprehensive traveller tracking system in real-time, 24/7 throughout the world for clients. Tracka - a location service and management protection system of people and assets is designed specifically to track the whereabouts of individual travellers and assets.

To find out more about our security and tracking services, please contact us.