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When the well-being of our customers is at stake, providing medical assistance services is a serious business. It is not just about making sure customers are cared for; it involves making sure that they receive the required level of care for their well-being wherever they are in the world.

Global Assistance with a Local Approach

Under Mondial Assistance's Marco Polo project, more than a thousand hospitals around the world have been visited and assessed by Mondial Assistance medical directors and this continues to grow as our network of rated hospitals expands. This provides in-depth knowledge of each healthcare facility’s standards and capabilities, which is vital in ensuring that every patient receives an appropriate level of care.

Mondial Assistance has the largest network of more than 400,000 service providers around the world.

Our primary focus is ensuring that customers are properly cared for.  The next important consideration is making sure that the cost of the treatment is also appropriate so that travel and medical insurance policies remain affordable.