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Travel Agents

You’re a Travel Agency? You’ve come to the right place!

Did you know that we have been partnering with Travel Agencies like yours since we were first created over 50 years ago? In fact, our relations with Travel Agents (and Tour Operators) form the historic backbone of our business, whether it has been under the Elvia, World Access, World Care or Mondial Assistance brands.
Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Travel Agents

Our promise to you? Creativity, innovation and adaptable solutions!

So knowing this, who could be a better partner for you than us? Not only do we know how you operate and what you’re looking for, but we also understand the enormous changes your sector has endured with the development of online sales and the emergence of leading online operators. Our historic and current understanding of your business enables us to think creatively, innovate continuously and adapt our solutions quickly to meet your every need. Let us reassure you with our unrivalled track record, our global scope and our technological breakthroughs. Welcome to Mondial Assistance!

Grow your ancillary revenues year after year

We recognise that ancillary revenues are a key component of most travel agencies’ business model, and that selling travel insurance is far from your core business. Because we’re in the business of helping people, we have made it our mission to develop value added solutions to help you improve your travel insurance sales performance. We have put the tools and technologies in place to make sure that you continue to grow your ancillary revenues, year after year.

Read below to discover the added value that we can bring to your business.

For our Online Travel Agent partners

Since 2002 we have kept one step ahead with our technological breakthrough - e-Magin, our unique, single entry platform that enables all passengers, whatever their nationality or locale, to subscribe to travel insurance and assistance products in real time. eMagin 2.0 is our latest available version. Its main point of difference is that now, in real time, you can recover specific customer profiles in order to fine-tune and customise your products to better meet their individual needs. eMagin 2.0 is supported by a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure available worldwide.

For our Offline Travel Agent partners

For our more traditional Travel Agent partners, we have designed a full range of tools to help you improve your travel insurance sales. These include visits to your agency by our sales teams, product and marketing brochures, leaflets, promotional campaigns, sales incentives and dedicated training tools including modules for e-learning.

We offer much more than a product portfolio

Because our partnership with you does not stop at products, we are building customised solutions to simplify your life as much as possible. These cover everything from contracts that respect the legal complexity of insurance obligations around the world and partner requirements, to financial flows, technical integration, and product solutions adapted to different markets.

Our travel insurance and assistance products for Travel Agents (can be offered as stand alones or bundled for a more customised commercial offer):

  • Trip cancellation

  • Lost or damaged luggage

  • Medical assistance and repatriation

  • Missed airline connection

  • Delayed departure

  • Winter sports coverage at destination

  • Golf coverage 

  • Wedding insurance

In addition, depending on a market’s specific socio-economic climate, we can adapt our offers accordingly. A recent example is our position regarding the H1N1 flu virus and our corresponding insurance offer.

If and when it makes sense, we can enhance all products by introducing added value services that are part of our larger portfolio, including roadside assistance, specialty insurance (like Collision Damage Waiver in case of a rental car), home assistance, etc.