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Is your business somehow linked to Travel? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Today, more than ever before, end customers are shaping the way the travel industry operates and evolves. It is no longer acceptable to consumers to find their desired travel-related products exclusively in specific venues like Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Airline offices.  No. Today, these consumers want travel-related information and the possibility to purchase at their fingertips. They want companies or organisations like yours - hotels, car rental companies, holiday home rental companies and timeshare exchanges – to offer travel insurance and assistance products as well.
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Helping you and your customers find the right solutions

Because the insurance sector is a highly regulated activity whose regulations change according to country, company status, and specific products, finding creative solutions is very much both the top priority and the bottom line. So, if you are a hotel, a car rental company, a holiday home rental company, a timeshare organisation, or any other organisation with a link to travel and travellers, we can help. Please contact us and let us find the solutions most suited to you and your customers!