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Are you looking for a supplier that you can completely trust? One whose understanding of your industry is based on years of solid experience, but one that can also quickly adapt its services to a radically changing marketplace? Are you looking for an assistance provider with an unrivalled track record accompanied by the ability to think creatively, innovate continuously and develop technologies that keep you at the cutting edge? Yes? Well, look no further. Welcome to Mondial Assistance!
Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Airlines

We keep pace with your changing world

Not only have we been working with airline companies like yours for decades, but we also keep pace, day by day, with your rapidly changing world. We are acutely aware of the impact these changes have on you and your business. Environmental constraints, variations in oil prices and the overall economy are ongoing major challenges, while Online sales have taken the industry by storm, redefining your market, the way you do business and how your customers behave.

Our business is to understand your business

Since the online boom, our relationship with you has been reinforced with an exponential increase in online travel insurance, which represents an increasingly important part of your ancillary revenues. As world leader in this segment, we understand that your challenge, and ours, is to keep improving these revenues. And that means sustaining this business model long-term, which in turn means improving the conversion rates year after year.

Helping you grow your ancillary revenues year after year

We are in the business of helping people. In fact this is our promise to you and at the heart of everything we do. For our airline partners, we have made it our mission to develop value added solutions to help you improve your travel insurance sales performance; we have put the tools and technologies in place to make sure that you continue to grow your ancillary revenues as well as your traditional business sustainably, year after year.

For a closer look at how we can work with you and make it happen, read about some of our airline-specific offers below:

eMagin – our unique entry point for you and your customers

or the past eight years we have focused on developing direct sales with our airline company partners. Online sales have been the driving force behind these efforts. e-Magin is our technological breakthrough, our unique platform that enables all passengers, whatever their nationality or locale, to subscribe to airline-related travel insurance and assistance products in real time. eMagin 2.0 is our latest available version. Its main point of difference is that now, in real time, you can recover specific customer profiles in order to fine-tune and customise your products to better meet their individual needs. eMagin 2.0 is supported by a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure available worldwide.

Sales incentives via Call Centers

In our promise to help you increase your travel insurance sales, we have made available several tools and processes that integrate travel insurance offers into your call center’s dedicated IT application. This can be direct or via GDS like Amadeus, Sabre, etc. We have also designed call centre incentives for you to sell travel insurance, and put in place comprehensive training programmes, including e-learning tools, for your platform operators.

We offer much more than a product portfolio

Because our partnership with you does not stop at products, we are building customised solutions to simplify your life as much as possible. These cover everything from contracts that respect the legal complexity of insurance obligations around the world and partner requirements, to financial flows, technical integration, and product solutions adapted to different markets.

Our travel insurance and assistance products for Airline Companies (can be offered as stand alones or bundled for a more customised commercial offer):

  • Trip cancellation

  • Lost or damaged luggage

  • Medical assistance and repatriation

  • Missed airline connection

  • Delayed departure

  • Winter sports coverage at destination

  • Golf coverage