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The travel industry is the historic backbone of our business. We’ve been partnering with travel players for over 50 years, and innovating every step of the way. Read more about our value-added offers and what we do to help you build your business.
Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Travel

Tour operators

Our understanding of Tour Operators and the daily challenges they face enables us to think creatively, innovate continuously and adapt our solutions quickly to accommodate for life’s many unpredictable events and changes that impact this market.


Online sales have taken the airline industry by storm, redefining your market, how you work and how customers behave. Ancillary revenues have become a key component of your business. We’ve designed our solutions with all of these factors in mind.

Travel agents (on/offline)

The boom in online sales and the emergence of leading online operators has radically changed how Travel Agents work and what they need. Let us reassure you with our unrivalled track record, our global scope and our technological breakthroughs.

Other travel companies

Today, consumers want hotels, car rental companies, holiday home rentals and timeshare exchanges to offer travel insurance and assistance products too. But regulations can be tricky. We can help you find the right solutions.