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You’re a Bank or a Financial Institution? Welcome!

Are you looking for a supplier that has years of experience working with all of your customers? Who understands their financial needs and those that go way beyond money issues? Whose commitment to innovative thinking is unsurpassed? And whose top priority is to keep pace with your customers’ different lifestyles and to meet their needs as fully and creatively as possible? Would you like a partner who embraces challenge, and adds value to your business because it helps you better understand exactly who your customers are and helps you keep them, year after year? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Mondial Assistance.
Mondial Assistance Malaysia - Banks

We understand you and your customers

At Mondial Assistance, we really do understand you and your customers. How can we say this so surely? Because we’ve been working with Banks like yours for many years. And at the same time, we’ve been closely following all of your customers – from teenagers to senior citizens. We understand that while you have identified key customer touch points along the way, there may be many more touch points left untapped, which means that you may be missing opportunities to serve them. We’re here to help you seize those opportunities.

Let us be your caretaker!

Our mission is to help you build your business and reinforce your customers’ loyalty. This all begins by truly knowing your customers and the key moments along their life path. It means being able to recognise and meet their particular needs during these key moments, whether they’re students in need of a loan, young parents seeking childcare, or elderly couples facing health issues. So let us be your caretaker. The more we can help you understand your customers, the more they will trust you and remain loyal.

'Banking for Life' really means for life!

It’s one thing to say we know your customers and understand life’s many crossroads and the financial or other help that is essential. It’s another thing to actually design a solution that fits this complexity. But you really can put your trust in us, because, in fact, we have done just that. Our solution? Banking for Life .

Here’s how it works: Banking for Life targets a more refined customer segmentation than classic offers, focusing on young people, families and seniors. Within these segments, we have identified key areas and life moments. Then products and services covering Mobility, Protection and Lifestyle/Lifecare are offered in response to each key moment in each key area for each customer segment.

A modular offer - perfect for everyone!

Banking for Life is modular: you decide what works best. You can incorporate as many or as few Mondial services as you desire; and the range is so extensive that most customers will find just the product or combination they’re looking for. The offer can be embedded in your banking products, or sold as options or stand alones. And on top of this, Banking-for-life is available online. With our proven e-commerce capabilities we have designed a complete online package of financial or other assistance services easily accessible to all your customers:

What could be easier? What could be simpler? We help you go beyond money. Banking for Life offers you, our Banking partners, a holistic approach to your customers that can be built over time.  It really is for life!